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The 3D Snow Globe Card was a project commissioned by as a holiday card for the customers and clients of San Jose Theaters and the San Jose Convention & Visitors Bureau. I was tasked with designing stylized graphics of downtown San Jose and its iconic landmarks, representing both the theater/arts and the convention/business sides.


Using reference photos, I designed stylized depictions of iconic buildings and landmarks that defined the downtown San Jose, California skyline. Two versions were created with only the front part differentiating the theater/arts from the convention/business version.

The graphics are printed onto a plastic template design that transformed into a snow globe when assembled.


To create a 3D effect, 3 layers of graphics were created, then placed accordingly in the structure of the snow globe template.

The template design allowed for the snow globe card to lay flat and be inserted into an envelope, then unfolded into 3D form when removed from the envelope.

In a related project, I was commissioned to create an animated holiday video card for Team San Jose the following year. Newly designed graphics were created to compliment and match the stylistic look of the previous year’s graphics and set to holiday music.

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