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Welcome to DexterityInk!
I bring my experience as a concept artist, graphic designer, illustrator, and animator into the work that's put in front of me.

As a concept artist, I create beautiful and dynamic art that convey a sense of character, feeling, time, and place that help tell stories and invite audience interest and engagement.

As a graphic designer, my goal is to bring your initial concepts and ideas and create an eye-catching, dynamic product you can identify and be proud of.
Take a moment to explore my work to see if it inspires you and suits the style you're looking for. View samples from my portfolio below or by clicking on the menu above for specific works.


Main page banner
It’s Gonna Be A Long, Long Time
The Escape
Visit Barcelona App
NFT Marketplace
Futuristic Fashion Concept Design
The Time Traveller
The Rocketman
The Wandering Jedi
The Rescue
Rescue of the Princess
Orc Trio
Space Station Concept Design
Flow Zone Concept Design
DI5TRIKT Zero Concept Design
Log-in Screens Concept Design
Candy Factory Illustration
UI Concept Design for Ozone Metaverse
UI Pop-up Screen
The Protector


My services are tailored to your needs and each service is completely personalized to exceed, if not meet, your expectations. I´d love to discuss your project with you! Please click below to learn more, and reach out with any questions.

concept design for characters, 3D environments and elements, UI, and more

children’s books, educational art, traditional art, and more

digital, video, and print advertising for marketing and promotion of businesses and events

logos, iconography, web content, print and packaging design

still photography editing, compositing, and digital effects

user interfaces, website layout, and user journeys

Would you like more information about my services?


As an artist, one has to believe in one's work, fall in love with it, even suffer with it. To create art is to be both participant and witness to its growth, beauty, and meaning.

Dexter Santos


+1 (408) 396-0650 (Text and WhatsApp)

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